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I have an encyclopedia of knowledge, courses, and experience to share and teach but I still have much to learn about humanity. In fact, I believe we all do so. That’s why I’m paying it forward through my business. It’s not so much about authenticity, it’s about letting go, forgiveness, and learning…

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Confidence Coaching Online


Most female survivors of trauma are trapped in a cycle! They don’t have a sense of identity or know who they are anymore... They don’t know what their boundaries are anymore or if they even have any left! Every day feels the same and they don’t feel happy, passionate, or excited... They know they have an amazing woman deep down inside, but they can't seem to reconnect with her!

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“Relationships, like all human experiences, are transient; they change every day and are meant to be enjoyed in the present. When I hear people say you need to ‘work’ at a relationship, what that often really means is just seeing through the day-to-day; listening to another person, listening to yourself, not getting stuck on hurts from the past, and not getting lost in what might come. To be in a relationship with someone you respect, care about and value is a gift, and when you take that in the day-to-day, you honor yourself and your partner each day.”

— Dr. Ramani

Yes this is basically my mission written by someone else. But it’s a commonality - the world needs more love.
How do we shift the blame game?

My program has 5 shifts

  • Online Relationship Coaching

    shift 1

    shift 1

    It is to take a deep dive into your belief system and open up a powerful portal. It’s to analyze where they are rooted and how we can unblock the ones which are preventing you from your true desires.

  • Confidence Coaching Online

    shift 2

    shift 2

    Shift to cultivating self-compassion and compassion to build healthy strong connections or relationships.

  • Online Relationship Coaching

    Shift 3

    shift 3

    Knightshift shifting habits and actions
    Event plus response equals outcome. We teach you how to get the right outcome. .
    It’s not about being reactive, it’s about being responsive. We teach you how to protect your heart so it’s bulletproof.

  • Trauma Coaching Online

    Shift 4

    shift 4

    We guide you to connect to an authentic identity that will attract all your desires.

  • Trauma Coaching Online

    Shift 5

    shift 5

    You will never be alone on your journey. We have a powerful group ready to support you.


  • Ever smiling and Ever giving from the heart. Deanna is a rare gem, she has her own unique way of bringing the best in people. I was an introvert, almost a clum but with Deanna I just find myself talking freely and I was surprised at how much I remembered from my past that my subconscious had locked way in order to protect me. But was hindering my personal growth and wrecking my relationships. I have even asked Deanna to coach my daughter as well because I realized she may have picked some limiting beliefs from me. I wouldn't want her to do a merry go around in her life. When all she needs to do is unlearn the old habits and unlock her full potential. I am super excited for my daughter to be under Deanna’s wings. Thank you Deanna. Loveness., Zimbabwe.

    Loveness Damba

  • Deanna helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. It was an ordeal that I thought I would never recover from. Her support was incredible. She listened, without judgement and helped me to see that it was not my shortcomings that caused my situation. She gave me the strength to move forward and regain my confidence in myself. I am so grateful for Deanna’s support. She really made a difference on my journey back to my best self.


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Trauma Coaching Online

The good ones are not
for sale.

The trauma that has happened for many through the statistics - is related to stress and heartache, not healing from unhealthy upbringings and relationships. It leads to a lack of confidence and an addiction to not being enough. Not healing from past trauma. Being addicted to retail therapy, drugs, and alcohol. Not healing from a home that did not provide the structure needed to cultivate a healthy relationship in the real world.


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This is my friend Glenn’s podcast in which I was a guest speaker. He is one of the best hypnotherapist and meditation teachers in the world. It was a privilege to be his guest twice.

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