About Goddess Compass and Knightshift

Online Relationship, Trauma, Confidence & Transformation Coach

Goddess Compass and Knightshift2022

I was a guest speaker to over 400000 women at a Fearless Women’s Empowerment Summit.

I was also interviewed by world-renowned hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold.

The Universe is guiding me.

I have an encyclopedia of knowledge, courses, and experience to share and teach but  I still have much to learn about humanity. In fact, I believe we all do so that’s why I’m paying it forward through my business. It’s more about authenticity and letting go through forgiveness. It’s about working through the pain and not hiding the pain. It’s about releasing and transforming the pain of the past to empower our future. It’s about building confidence and no longer suffering. I’m as truthful as you can possibly imagine in being upfront about what you need. I do not hold back and sugarcoat the process you need to embark on for you to heal. If you are willing to put in the work I can transform your pain into confident empowerment. If you are truly tired of suffering and ready to heal let’s continue at a deeper level.

I’m going to share something else. 

After having lunch with a friend today I had a calling to share … business shifted into something greater than I could have ever imagined and I’m so grateful. From helping people who struggled on their path, from suicide to depression to illness to saving lives and helping couples with marriage challenges. I am elevating the planet so here it is. Why not share? Here’s a little of my transformational journey.