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A Calling and a Thank you to all men out there seeking women and I’m sending my love to you. I hesitated to commence this program and I’m so glad you are here. I felt it was necessary for this shift to happen in the universe. I think we can all agree, there needs to be an evolution for the world needs more love. Do you long for a woman who truly loves who you are and not what she can get from you? If you Agreed and this is what you desire, let’s take a short ride on that journey. I am touching my heart as I put this out there. Thank you for the offer of the beautiful pink chair, the hydraulic desk, the trip to Mexico, and the cruise. These are gifts offered to me on a regular basis. Thank you but no thank you, I do appreciate the offer but this is not what I truly desire. Why are so many relationships failing? Why are so many people single? Why do people break up? I do not have all the answers. Here is some truth about the ‘why’ of breakups and heartbreaks.

Thank you for dangling glittery things in front of me. Yes, a gal likes all of these, so appreciate it. But the woman you are truly seeking just wants your heart and to be appreciated for who she genuinely is. When you unlock the key to her heart that’s where real healthy relationships are cultivated. When the meetings begin over a nice dinner the magic can begin. Food is a relaxing way to get to know someone. Going for a walk or a coffee is another amazing venue. It doesn’t matter what you do, remember the real connection happens when you vibrate at the same frequency. You elevate each other, support each other, and the exchange of energy gives you a healthy life where you thrive together no matter what. Chemistry is not a mystery to any of us. We know how it feels right? Yes, all your desires and all your passions will be met when you just stop trying to buy love. The woman you are seeking is prime real estate not from a monetary perspective but the one that values your existence more than your pocketbook.


That one in a million will communicate in a safe container and open up about authenticity. You both can do it. Please stop trying to buy love. The woman that will genuinely make you happy, and give you peace and joy is not after your money but I believe you may have been burnt before and are hesitant to trust and seek love? Is that true? Have you been taken in by women and crushed by the heartache? Secondly, we are all erotic human beings and if you want temporary quick fixes then continue to dangle shiny objects at a woman. What we truly want and what I believe you may genuinely want is to be respected and appreciated for who we are meant to be. If that is what you want I have gathered, conversed, and connected with goddesses all over the universe. We have laid out a new program that teaches you the secrets of what women truly desire. We will guide you, and support you on your journey. Did I mention the women in our program care about what you desire too? I invite you to join our group KnightShift.

Most male trauma survivors are feeling stuck, they don’t know who they are anymore, and they lost sight of their power, their boundaries, and their self-worth. They roll around at night unable to sleep, wondering where they went wrong. Meanwhile, my clients are using a secret strategy that allows them to finally tap into their masculine power, rebuild their stunning self-worth, set healthy boundaries, and actually enjoy their lives again, without spending years in therapy or being shackled with guilt. I’m revealing the exact 5 step system these amazing men are using to finally overcome their trauma once and for all and rebuild themselves into a confident powerful men again.

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