How Goddess Compass And Knightshift Transform Lives

How Goddess Compass And Knightshift Transform Lives

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Are you looking for a compassionate trauma coach? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how I can help!

I’m Deanna Hann, the founder of Goddess Compass and Knightshift. I can relate firsthand to the suffering and pain that my clients face. Therefore, I want to share my blueprint for recovery with the world.

I’ve been in the industry for many years and have received standing ovations whenever I share my journey. It includes inspiring over 400,000 women and appearing on a prominent British podcast.

My Journey
I experienced multiple car accidents, cancer, a broken marriage, sexual abuse, and the loss of a loved one. It left me in a state of depression and suffering from many other diseases.

I then lost everyone important to me, including my family and friends, which made me feel alone. After all, who would want to be around someone in so much pain?

However, I found peace within myself and didn’t take prescriptions. If you’re wondering how I overcame the turmoil and became a beacon of hope, read on to discover my pathway to abundance.

Turning Darkness Into Light
Despite what I went through, I was determined not to let anyone steal my happiness. So I embarked on a long soul-searching journey of personal development. It motivated me to create navigation tools to move forward regardless of what was happening around me.

Today, I’m happy that I no longer have to grieve. I’m also grateful for my new life. I hold the remote control to this beautiful universe and can confidently co-create an abundance of happiness.

Inspiring Others
After making a full recovery, my mission was to empower others by creating a program that was effective and easy to follow. So I organized all the shifts into step-by-step practices that genuinely work.

It was a hope-and-pray method for me initially, but now it’s a tried and tested formula. As a result, taking the guesswork out of the journey has enriched others with golden nuggets of wisdom, and my testimonials are proof.

Beacon of Hope
Creating success stories over the years has enhanced my reputation. One client in particular that stands out was Marie, who struggled with confidence. She was filled with so much rage, disappointment, and hopelessness that sometimes I doubted If I could help her.

It was like hammering, but the nail would not go in. I knocked at the door, but she would not answer the call. Are you tired of suffering? Open the door to your heart Marie and let some light shine on all those wounds.

Then the light switch came on brightly, and she confessed that I had saved her life. I was truly at a loss for words. She now travels a lot and is delighted to live the life of a liberated, empowered Goddess.

To read more about my success stories, please click here to view my testimonials. I will also be happy to provide you with references.

Get in touch with me today!
As an online trauma and relationship coach in Canada, I strive to expand my business one heart at a time. I offer my transformative coaching services worldwide. It includes enhancing love, confidence, and relationships. I also assist people dealing with trauma, anxiety, and depression.

If you or someone you know could benefit from my expertise, I invite you to contact me. Please call Goddess Compass and Knightshift at (709) 682-7144 or email

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