Vulnerability and human connection

Wisdom Wednesday: On Vulnerability

Author: Deanna Hann |

On vulnerability and human connections

Do you have a vulnerable heart that is  lit up and is desiring a connection to others?

Vulnerability. It starts with having faith in ourselves and a firm belief in who we are and our worth. This enables us to  open up about our feelings, about what  we have in our hearts and it allows us to deeply love.  After all, we can only be loved to the extent that we show our true selves.

Firm belief in ourselves and being grounded in our own truth and identity requires inner work.  With that I ask, have you done the work needed? Know that it will always be work in progress.  Creating a better happy heart instead of a bitter heart is a lifelong journey. Might as well start now, right?

Doing this paves the way for you to make a deeper connection at a deeper level to others. It will result in you lighting someone up with your vital  energy. We can be more compassionate human beings knowing others have suffered too.

My  heart had to heal  in order to open up again. When I did that, I became  confident and courageous to communicate at a deeper level for  I know who I truly am. And it’s not the comparisons of each other’s suffering  but the compassion in the suffering of others.

A closed heart is not beautiful. It’s often disconnected and hard to reach. It lacks compassion. It is hiding in the darkness and in fear. It’s often broken and it dims your light too. The reality that we have all had our hearts broken allows oneness. We can truly listen to the beat of another’s heart open heartedly but this time,  with a compassion that is at a deeper level of  understanding with light for we have “lightened” the burdens of our own heart.

This time we can park our egos knowing the lessons learned will protect us and provide us with a security that a vulnerable heart is beautiful,  authentic, truthful and not hiding  but radiating with more love and creating a connection to elevate more happiness happening now   The connection  is then secure and beautiful knowing you do not want to suffer and neither does the other person.

Good rising! With light and love on wisdom wednesday for all the beautiful hearts that are fearless and vulnerable to find love again in the security of their own heart knowing that others suffered too and the suffering must stop.

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