Thoughtful Thursday: In believing miracles

Thoughtful Thursday: In believing miracles

Author: Deanna Hann |


In believing miracles.

Finding joy even when life gets too overwhelming, now that’s a miracle.

Stay in your happy place. Focus on all the ways that create appreciation in the now. Then the now transforms to “won.” I won in my happiness journey.

I cannot change people, that’s not my role. I cannot change the circumstances in people’s lives. I can only guide them, that is my role. All of their actions is out of my control.

It’s also all about choice - not focusing on the negative but pausing the world and focusing on the positive. This morning, I am looking at what it means to extend my family over the years. When friends become family, you appreciate their presence in the now and their unconditional love. When your love becomes unconditional and the definition of what family truly means unfolds, you become more grateful with acceptance. You do not focus on what should be, you develop from what is. You develop an appreciation for your life through a lens of love and an open heart and to let it all be. My heart is so open to let go of yesterday and focus on the now one more time today.

My timeless clock for today is all I have. None of us know when we will take our last breath or dance our last dance, have our last meal or even hear the voice of another loved one, especially the ones we haven’t seen in awhile.

Today on Thoughtful Thursday, I have some uncertainty in my life but damn I will not let it weigh me down. I will shine my light so bright today. If you happen to feel my love, my heart, you will know I am truly in my happy place for I will focus on all the beautiful moments that are happening now to strengthen me and get me through the moments that challenge me and elevate my faith.

Oh God I will always believe in miracles.

Good rising!

With love and light. I will live this day to the fullest. I know behind the clouds, the sun is still shining. Even though I cannot see it, I can still feel it and that is my faith through love and light. I am truly grateful for today and my heart beat is one won.

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