Freedom Friday: Acknowledging pain and being set free

Freedom Friday: Acknowledging pain and being set free

Author: Deanna Hann |

Today, I’ll share something that is very close to my heart, it’s about traumas.  I’m not sure even how to express it, but I know when I write it helps. It’s like a prayer to the universe in my vulnerable human presence that I’m ok. That this is something bigger than me and it involves sharing compassion and love.

We all have suffered. But letting go frees us from the prison walls of our own hearts. I always say that yesterday is not on the calendar but sometimes because we have suffered from loss of self or loss of a loved one,  those feelings can knock us off our feet like a tidal wave through our humanness. The reality is, it is hard to pull ourselves out of the wave which truly taps in our emotions and rocks us to the core mentally and physically. We can all be fragile at times and I believe that’s ok. Yes, our trauma can trigger us and it can hit us like an invisible bullet to our heart. Even if the bullet is not there we can feel it.

Today I had an encounter with a shooter. I was in a deserted house doing a favour for a friend. It’s not my end of town but I was there. While sitting in the laundry room downstairs away from the window and doors, I was squirming with fear. My trauma triggers came back. I felt helpless but I had faith and prayed all would be ok. When it was finally over and they got the shooter, I was able to get myself together and continue but not without after thoughts or after shocks. They are so connected. Thoughts and questions plagues me like what if I didn’t get to see my loved ones anymore or hug someone for the very last time?

My mental health today took a jolt but I feel I know myself enough to get me back to my happy place. But I have no problem admitting it was a challenge. It’s human to feel pain and fear, but to stay there is to lack love and compassion for yourself.

Today I pick myself up and say, look where you’ve been, look at what you have accomplished and look at the skills that you have so you don’t get stuck or fixated on the pain. As I move away from the pain today, I am hoping others will move away from theirs too. I have gratitude today  that I get to live another day, breathe another breath, dance another song and heal my heart through compassion and love for me and others who may feel vulnerable and fragile at times. Today I will truly reach out and connect to others including you right now. I truly believe I am blessed for I get another day to heal and love others  I pray today that you appreciate today and reach out if you had fleeting thoughts in your mind to get something right in life & to create more happiness peace, & joy for you and all through a compassionate empowering connection.

Good rising!

With light and love.

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