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June 4th, 2020

In 2011 I was diagnosed with complex PTSD and anxiety disorder. I’ve done a lot of work on trauma healing through self-help and counseling over the years. Life’s ups and downs often trigger deep, heavy emotions, and require attention and more in-depth acceptance of resources. The covid-19 pandemic has been a life-changing trigger that elevated my anxiety and ability to cope. I was lost, vulnerable, and didn’t know where to turn…. then a little over a year ago, I noticed a link on Facebook to Deanna’s group called Women from Trauma to Transformation. What a light bulb moment this was! I quickly asked to join the group and was accepted. I began to feel a heightened level of support and a safe place to share my thoughts, feelings, and positive affirmations. Then the more invested I became, I also felt vicarious trauma reading about what other women were facing and the heartbreaking experiences that were up close and personal to these women. I left the group and then Deanna reached out to me privately and we talked and I shared my feelings. The support and care she offered me restored my faith in my ability to move forward. Deanna is a genuine, caring, kind, incredibly strong, wise, and loving woman. She is resourceful and real and not afraid to embrace and acknowledge her fears or share her stories of trauma and healing. The connection that we have formed became a God Wink to me and I’m eternally grateful.

Most recently, Deanna invited me to a private group called Goddess Compass. Here, the members that joined were engaged and motivated to learn from Deanna’s teaching and coaching. This was an awesome experience. Participating in this group gave me a fresh perspective, an abundance of new resources such as meditation, reading recommendations, and validation that I am not alone. Each of the women who participated was welcoming and understanding. It’s pretty powerful to have a circle of women who accept and love each other unconditionally. Deanna offered empathy, understanding, and devotion to me and the other women. Healing is a journey and now I feel lighter and healthier and more able to acknowledge that I am a Goddess. Thank you Deanna for your influence in my life and the lives of many other women. You truly are amazing!

Sending love and light,

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